The Car Marque Self-Drive Team-Up

Two of the world’s biggest car makers are joining forces to cut the cost of making self-drive a reality. That car companies share components is common knowledge. A Renault Kadjar shares most of its innards with a Nissan Qashqai. A … Read More

Driverless lorries take to public roads

Until now, all driverless vehicle testing has either taken place on private roads, or with a human driver behind the wheel, just in case. But a new trial of driverless lorries in Sweden has taken to the public roads without … Read More

Self-driving rentals take a step closer

As Google’s self-drive car trials taking customers to the supermarket, we ask what’s the potential for self-drive car and van rentals? As is so often with the case with stories about self-drive (and ‘sort of’ self-drive) technology, it’s less a … Read More

Why ‘self’ is a dirty word for motor insurers

We don’t have self-driving vans for hire (yet). But when we do, we may have to think carefully about the ‘Self Drive’ part of our name.   ‘Autopilot’. It has a ring of trust to it, doesn’t it? It suggests … Read More