We’re Open!

We’re open! A message from TJS Self Drive We’re delighted to say our Scunthorpe, Leeds, Lincoln and Rugby depots are now back open, ready for you to hire your next car or van. As you’d expect, we’ve changed a few … Read More

Do More Speeding Tickets Mean More Speeders?

Which police forces issue the most speeding tickets in the UK – and what does that really mean? There are lots of things to consider when you take to the road in one of our hire vehicles. The driving conditions. … Read More

Putting the Brakes on the Handbrake

Why the traditional handbrake’s days are numbered. Sit yourself in most of our hire vans and a number of our rental cars and you’ll find the traditional handbrake present and correct. But every year, as we replace models, the number … Read More

How will Brexit affect fuel prices?

Next time you fill up your rental car, how will Brexit affect the price at the pump? It’s fair to say there’s been a lot more heat than light when it comes to all things Brexit recently. So let’s get … Read More

How far can I drive my rental car or van?

If you hire a car from us, the mileage is unlimited. You may be surprised to know that not every vehicle rental company handles mileage in the same way. Some are rather stingy with the mileage allowance, meaning that if … Read More

Why is my Ford Kuga burning?

Google announces its most common motor-related searches of the last decade, and some of them are definite eye-openers. We live in a world where the answer to virtually any question is just a quick Google away. Let’s be honest, the … Read More

Putting a stop to idling

Using our rental cars or vans to make deliveries? Don’t keep them running when you park up. Most of us, it’s probably fair to say, know what idling (in a motoring sense) is. It’s stopping the car but keeping the … Read More

What difference would a 20 mph speed limit make?

As the Welsh First Minister suggests 20mph should be the default speed limit for residential areas, we ask what difference would it make if 20 mph was adopted across the UK? It’s not as if 20 mph zones are a … Read More

Parking fees set to jump

Watch where you park your hire car or van. Local councils look set to dramatically increase the cost of parking. The age of austerity hasn’t been a great deal of fun for anyone, and that’s certainly true for local councils, … Read More

The lanyard hazard

If you’re driving one of our hire cars or rental vans whilst wearing a lanyard, best take it off… We’ve never done a formal survey of this, but we’d say it’s a fair bet that a significant number of the … Read More

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