Fear of repair costs stops 3.8 million drivers getting their car serviced

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The dreaded ‘red light’ on the servicing report seems to be stopping drivers getting their car serviced at all.

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It’s the conversation every driver dreads. The garage phones you to tell you how your servicing is going and then there’s a slight pause before the mechanic tells you, “There are just a couple of things I need to tell you about.”

Either that, or you’re emailed a progress report which uses a traffic light system of urgency. And half a dozen items on the list are a very expensive shade of red.

Now, a new report by RAC Motor Assist suggests that not only is news of unexpected repairs unwelcome – it’s actively stopping drivers getting their car serviced at all. According to the report, almost half of drivers worry about something expensive cropping up. Far more worryingly, 24% (equivalent to 3.8 million drivers) say that worry is enough to affect the frequency of servicing.

On the assumption that all those shunning regular service plans aren’t opening up a Haines manual and doing it themselves, there’s clearly an increased risk of serious failures when servicing regularity drops.

The question is what to do about it.

Car hire the simple answer to servicing woes

There’s no getting away from the fact that car servicing can be a pricey business. A major service is likely to cost around £500 on even the most mass market of family cars. Add in the purchase or lease cost and it’s easy to see how servicing can be a step too far for many.

One option, which could save far more than a simple service cost, is regular car hire. By renting a car only when you need it, you could find driving becomes far more economical. And you’ll never need to worry about servicing again.

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