Car Hire in Rugby

Friendly car hire in Rugby when you need it most.

The people who hire cars in Rugby from TJS choose us for lots of reasons. They choose us because we’re that bit more flexible. They choose us because we’ve always got just the right vehicle at just the right price. And often they choose us because, when their hire is the result of the last minute, the unexpected and the change of plan, we help them get things back on track, simply.

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The personal car hire people

Since 1974, TJS has been doing car hire a little differently. Of course there’s all the choice you’d expect from vehicle brands you know and trust. And of course they’re as reliable as you’d expect. But we know that the people who hire our cars in Rugby expect that little bit more.

So when you need a longer lease, another driver on the insurance, a satnav, or simply some help in choosing the right car for you – just ask. We’ll sort you out, and always at a brilliantly competitive price.

You’ll find our Rugby depot at 19 Hunters Lane, CV21 1EA. We’re close to the town centre and just minutes from the M1 and M6.

Car Hire in Rugby

19 Hunters Lane, Rugby, CV21 1EA

Telephone 01788 565 850
Fax 01788 540 551

Our Depot Manager is Ian Bowen

Rugby Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 08.30 to 17.30
Saturday 08.30 to 12.00
Sunday Closed

How to Find Us?

Hire your car from TJS Rugby now. Complete the booking form on the right of this page or call us on 01788 565 850.