Car Hire in Leeds

When the car you’ve got isn’t the car you need, call TJS

You drive a city car, but you’ve a big journey ahead and want more room and comfort. You drive a car built for open roads, but need something for the day that’s small, nippy and easy to park. Or perhaps the car you usually drive is off the road and you need a replacement fast.

Whatever the reason for your car hire in Leeds, talk to TJS:

TJS City Car

City Car

TJS Small Car

Small Car

TJS Medium Car

Medium Car

TJS Large Car

Large Car

The personal car hire people

TJS has been doing car hire in Leeds a little differently for decades. You see, we don’t just deal in cars and vans. We deal in helping people out of sticky situations, when the car won’t start or the transport they had planned doesn’t show. We make sure they make their events and appointments on time. And when the car they’ve got isn’t the one they need, we help put things right with car hire in Leeds that’s always friendly, reliable and perfectly priced.

You’ll find our Leeds depot on Jack Lane, approximately 1 mile from the city centre. We’re just minutes from the M1 and M62, and there’s plenty of customer parking onsite.

Car Hire in Leeds

1 New Princess Street, Jack Lane Industrial Estate, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9BA.

Telephone 01132 438 574
Fax 01132 434 195

Our Depot Manager is Oliver Bailey

Leeds Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 08.30 to 17.30
Saturday 08.30 to 12.00
Sunday Closed

How to Find Us?

Hire your car from TJS Leeds now. Complete the booking form on the right of this page or call us on 01132 438 574.