7 Games for the Getaway

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With the final bank holiday of the year upon us, if you’re planning to hire a car and escape for a long weekend, here are some games to keep the kids occupied on the way.

Family Playing Games on Car Journey

“Are we there yet?” It’s a tough question to answer when you’re only ten minutes down the road and still have a three hour journey ahead of you. So if you’re using one of our hire cars to take you on a long journey for the last long weekend of the year, here are some simple games to keep them occupied (that don’t involve a screen).

I Spy
Sometimes the oldies are still the besties. You pick the obvious ones (clouds, lampposts, cars); the kids pick the most obscure things you can imagine, but then being asked to guess that f stands for the piece of fluff they just found on the back seat is part of the fun.

Licence Plate Alphabet
It’s so much more fun in the US, where you can pass the time trying to spot plates from all 50 states (bonus points for Hawaii). But even in the UK, you can eat up a few more road miles by looking for licence plates that start with an A, then B and so on. You may need to skip I, Q and Z…

Car Bingo
A game for older kids as they’ll need to know their Honda CR-V from their Mazda CX-5, but there are a couple of ways to play this one. If you’re especially organised, create a few bingo cards with 15-20 car makes and models on each. First one to cross off every model on the card wins. If it’s a spur of the moment thing, just ask them to jot cars down as they see them. Whoever notes the most models in 10 minutes wins.

Family Games During Car Journey

Scenery Bingo
As above but switch out car makes and models for classic roadside sights. Prep some cards in advance with a mixture of common sights (motorway services, police car, cows), with some more challenging ones (tractor, canal boat, water tower). It does help if you know some of the sights that’ll be on your route.

Memory Game
You start with: “I went to the shop, and I bought a loaf of bread.” The next person says, “I went to shop and bought a loaf of bread and some coffee.” Then it progresses to the next passenger, who has to remember everything that came before – in order – before adding to the list.

Yes & No Game
You each take it in turns to ask questions to another passenger, who’s not allowed to answer yes or no or hesitate. Once they’re out, it’s their turn to ask the questions to the person next to them.

20 Questions
You think of a person, place, animal or object. Everyone else in the car has a total of 20 questions (to which you can only answer yes or no) to find out what it is.

Of course, a great getaway game needs a great hire car for the journey. Find yours now.
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