Why Do Learner Drivers Fail?

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As the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) reveals the top 10 reasons why learner drivers fail their tests, we ask what’s the value in creating a top 10? Last year, the DVSA carried out almost 1.7 million driving tests. … Read More

Speeding More Common in Summer

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In news that will surprise absolutely no-one, insurer Admiral announces that speeding is more frequent in summer. Let’s gloss over the fact that, for much of the year, you couldn’t break the speed limit in our rental vehicles even if … Read More

6 Tips for Autumn Driving

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If you’re taking your hire car onto the roads this autumn, here are a few ways to make your journey safer. Autumn. Season of lengthening shadows, foggy starts, blowing leaves and (usually) loads of rain. But driving your rental vehicle … Read More

The Battle Over Batteries

posted in: General News, Technology

Why the biggest battleground for success in the electric vehicle market won’t be the dealership forecourts, but recycling plants. Take a stroll around any of our rental vehicle depots and you’ll find the internal combustion engine still rules the roost. … Read More

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