Bad van driving is bad for business…

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But your driving has to be really good to make a positive difference.
We came across an interesting piece in the Builder Merchants Journal recently that suggested poor driving can switch off potential customers. Undertaking, cutting up, failing to stop at crossings etc can all create a negative impression in the minds of potential customers. And as most companies will proudly display their logos on the side of the van, it’s not hard to connect the van with the company.
Interestingly, good driving needs to be really good to have the opposite effect. Everyone expects a degree of courtesy on the road, so the fact that you keep to speed limits, park considerately and let other road users out from side roads doesn’t mean they’ll all come rushing to your business – although going above and beyond (for example, pulling your heavily-laden tipper truck to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass) might.
That is, of course, rather more difficult when you hire a van. Rent a van from TJS and it won’t be your logo the public see; it’ll be ours (which is why we’d appreciate it if you stick to good van driving habits whilst in our vehicles).
But the principle remains the same. You may not think of it, but you and your van effectively become ambassadors for your business. Do good things and people may not notice, but do bad things and they certainly will – and nothing travels as fast as bad news.
So whether you’re in your own branded van, or driving a van you hired from us, drive it well.