We’re Open!

We’re open! A message from TJS Self Drive We’re delighted to say our Scunthorpe, Leeds, Lincoln and Rugby depots are now back open, ready for you to hire your next car or van. As you’d expect, we’ve changed a few … Read More

Welcome back…

A message from TJS Self Drive Following the latest government guidance, we’re delighted to say that we’re slowly phasing the re-opening of our vehicle rental depots. As you’d expect, we’re taking things step by step, ensuring we can operate in … Read More

80mph – the new speed limit?

If electric vehicles mean extra speed doesn’t burn extra fuel, why not make 80mph the new 70? Every so often the government looks into the issue of speed limits to determine whether they should be upped, reduced or kept the … Read More

“Hey Elon Musk, your car saved my life.”

The autopilot on the Tesla Model X proved a lifesaver during Storm Dennis. It’s easy to be wary of automated features on cars. Anti-lock brakes. Auto-lane correct. Adaptive cruise control. Auto-emergency braking. Some feature on our hire cars and vans. … Read More

The road signs that drive you mad

Join the new campaign aiming to make road signs clearer, safer and easier to understand. How often have you been at a critical part of your journey only to find that the road sign you really need is partially obscured … Read More

Research says drivers of expensive cars are either “conscientious” or “superior”

Driving a hire vehicle? According to science, you’re far more likely to be a kind and considerate driver. It’s not often science calls you a jerk. But if you happen to drive an expensive, prestige vehicle you are more likely … Read More

Got a spring clean to do? Hire a van to make it easier

If it’s getting close to clearout time, don’t leave the car to do the heavy work. We’re not betting types, but if we were, we’d put money on you having a tip trip to do over the next few weeks. … Read More

Do I need a permit to take a van to my local tip?

What are the rules for taking a rental van to your local waste centre? There are lots of reasons to choose a van over a car to do your next tip trip: You’ll pack far more into a rental van, … Read More

How safe is your MOT test centre – and what happens next?

Why vehicle rental could be the essential fallback if MOT test centre problems in Northern Ireland expand to the rest of the UK. Questions are being asked about the safety of MOT centre vehicle lifts in England, Scotland and Wales … Read More

The Land Without Cars

How is vehicle ownership set to change? Barcelona offers a glimpse of the future. *photo courtesy of public space If you were to accidentally stumble into one of Barcelona’s six Superblocks, you’d be in for a surprise. That road you … Read More

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