7 driving rules you didn’t know about

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If it’s a while since you passed your driving test, you may be surprised to discover you could be breaking the law on a daily basis…

Man Cleaning Snow off Car Roof

When did you pass your driving test? If it was back in the days before the theory test, then you’d probably be surprised at the way driving legislation has changed. But with new technology, busier roads and more distractions, driving laws are continually being updated.

So if you were planning on hiring a car from us today, take a look at some of the following before you do. We bet there are at least one or two in here that you didn’t know about:

• Offence: Failing to clear snow from your roof
• Penalty: £60 fine + 3 penalty points

• Offence: Making a profit from giving someone a lift
• Penalty: Up to £5,000 + 6 penalty points (although it’s fine to chip in for a bit of petrol)

• Offence: Playing excessively loud music from your car
• Penalty: Seizure of car (although you’ll be given a verbal warning first)

• Offence: Swearing at other road users, or making rude gestures (not that you’d ever do that, of course)
• Penalty: Up to 75% of your weekly income

• Offence: Using an un-cradled/unfixed mobile phone as a sat nav
• Penalty: £200 + up to 6 penalty points

• Offence: Failing to tell the DVLA about vertigo, ADHD, anorexia, arthritis, a hysterectomy, Tourette’s syndrome or dozens more conditions (find them all here)
• Penalty: £1,000 fine

• Offence: Getting out of your car when stopped on a single yellow line
• Penalty: Up to £130 fine

If that’s made you think it’s probably time you took another look at the Highway Code, you’re not alone!

Once you’re done, talk to us about renting cars and vans in Bolton, Leeds, Lincoln, Rugby and Scunthorpe.