XLWB/Jumbo Van Hire from TJS

The longest van on the fleet is the ultimate load mover for any situation. Need a bigger van? Talk to TJS.

XLWB Jumbo Van

Vehicle Information

Typical Vehicle:Mercedes Sprinter
Description:4.2m Jumbo Van
No. of Doors:5 (including side and rear-loading)
Fuel type:Diesel
Adult Passengers:3
Carrying volume:15.1m3
Other features:Bulkhead; load securing points
Alternative:Ford Transit Jumbo


Rolls of carpet, lengths of timber, worktops, plasterboard, skirting board and trunking: when what you’re carrying is too long for most vehicles, trust the 4.2m capacity of the Jumbo.

Because of the extra-long wheelbase, the maximum load weight of the Jumbo is slightly lower than that of our LWB vans, but if it’s length, space and the flexibility to cope with anything that matters most, hire the biggest van in the TJS fleet now.

Hire this van for:

  • Transporting large volumes of stock
  • Trade projects that require a bigger van than the one you’ve got
  • As a temporary works vehicle (ideal if yours is off the road)
  • Large/bulky furniture removal
  • Business relocations
  • Plant transport
  • Transport of materials where size and flexibility of space is more important than load-weight

Driver and passenger safety
This van features:

  • Load securing points to anchor loads in place
  • Bulkhead, safely separating you from your cargo
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • ABS

XLWB van hire FAQs

What do I need to hire a van from TJS?
LWB or XLWB? Which van is right for me?
Can I hire this van long term?

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